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Z-itch is a brand owned by Trilanco, the UK’s largest animal health and equine products wholesaler. All Z-itch products help to aid the control of biting insect Culicoides spp in horses and ponies. Both Z-itch Pour-On Solution and the Z-itch Sweet Itch Rug are available from retailers across the UK and can also be purchased through this website.

Sweet itch makes the lives of many horses and ponies miserable each ‘Sweet Itch season’. It can’t be cured, but sweet itch can be managed through correct care and effective, using products like Z-itch Pour-On Solution and the Z-itch Sweet Itch Rug can help to reduce or prevent the itching.



A ready to use, pour-on solution. This product may be used as an aid in the control of sweet itch especially for the control of the biting insect Culicoides spp. Treatment should be started at the beginning of the sweet itch season and repeated as necessary...

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First of all, make sure that your horse is suffering from sweet itch and not something else. Make sure a vet diagnoses the condition before you spend your money on sweet itch products. Assuming that your horse has been diagnosed with sweet itch, we have a number of hints and tips that should help you to manage your horse’s sweet itch and keep him comfortable...

Consider stabling your horse at dawn and dusk as these are the times when the midges are most active. If you can’t stable your horse, make sure he has access to shelter ‐ a field shelter with a covered portion is ideal.

Look at rugs designed to provide protection for sweet itch sufferers. These rugs should be close fitting and breathable. Sweet itch rugs should also cover a large amount of the horse to offer better protection ‐ look for rugs with belly pads, tail flaps, hoods and neck covers.

Choose your spring and summer pasture carefully. Midges breed near water so, if you can, avoid fields with water and boggy areas during sweet itch season. Well drained pastures are best.

Explore pour-on products that can be used to aid the control of sweet itch in horses and ponies. Some of these require application just once a week, so they’re very easy to use. See Z-itch Pour-On Solution here.

Monitor your sweet itch horse or pony carefully. Treat any wounds or scratches promptly to prevent infection.